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Yu Tong Chinese Painting Artists

  • English Instruction

 Yehenara Yutung,alias Narang Qiu Yue,the great-great-grandson of Empress Dowager Ci Xi 's nephew of Qing Dynasty.He was born in Beijing in 1970.

He began to learn Chinese calligraphy when he was four years old.And then he learned Chinese realistic painting of flowers and birds from the paiter of Rongbaozhai Liu yi.In 2013,he studied the techniques of small freehand flower and bird painting with the master of Huo Chunyang,Doctoral tutor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts,who was famous in chinese flower and bird painting.  

Now he is the occupation painter of Tsinghua national painting and calligraphy theory research and teaching base, the senior calligraphy teacher of Chinese Calligraphers Association grading center ,the member of  Guqin Association Committee of Chinese Folk Music Association,the member of the Chinese hard Calligrapher Association,and the President of Beijing Yehenara family calligraphy and Painting Society.

Artistic features:
    He is good at the figure with pommel horse technique of the Royal pine wind school.The paintings and calligraphy works have participated in various large-scale exhibitions and were collected by friends at home and abroad.

  • 中文介绍

     叶赫那拉·昱桐,字若水,又名纳兰秋月,斋号玉庐1970年生于北京。四岁开始学习书法,后师从荣宝斋画家刘毅学习工笔花鸟。毕业于中央民族大学艺术教育专业,2010年- 2012年中国书协培训中心导师工作室进修2013年师从著名花鸟画大师,天津美院博士生导师霍春阳学习小写意花鸟画技法现为清华美院全国书画理论研究与教学基地职业画家,书法教师,中国书法家协会考级中心注册高级教师,中国音协民乐学会古琴专业委员会委员,中国硬笔书法家协会会员,北京叶赫那拉家族书画社社长。


    熟练皇家松风画派之鞍马人物技法书画作品多次参加各种大型展览并被国内外友人收藏 。


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Yutung hoding the Certificate of authorization

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