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Wu Zeng Chinese Painting Artists

  • English Introduction

  Wu Zeng's Biography & Awards: It's amazing!! You‘ve never seen such a Chinese painting which can predict the weather. And It's a normal painting in the daytime,while changing into a glittering immortal in the evening.The landscape in the picture can change in the four seasons.The characters in the picture can change with the temperature.This is the painting of the teacher Wu Zeng. Wu Zeng was born in 1955.Now he is the Executive director of Chinese Contemporary Folk Artists Association, the member of International Artists Association, the assistant of China Shaolin Temple Zen painting academy. Artistic achievement: The work"dragon soaring during the Flourishment Age"was collected by the National leader Jiang Zemin. The work “Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon” was collected by the National leader Hu Jintao. The work "Three religions and Nine schools of thought"also named "He Tu" was collected by the Russian President Putin when he visited the Shaolin Temple In March 2006. The hammer price of the "summon" reached 760 thousand yuan in Hongkong. His works were selected as national gifts for political leaders and international friends, and awarded the country gift certificate in July 2006. In September 23, 2006, Wu Zeng was awarded the gold medal of the second international calligraphy competition of Peking University.


  • 中文介绍

    你从来没有见过这样的中国画。一副可以预测天阴晴,夜晚变神仙,山水四季变,人物知冷暖的神奇国画。吴增先生就画得就是这样 的画。吴增1955年生于画圣吴道子的故乡。现任中国当代民间艺术家协会常务理事,国际美术家联合会会员,中国少林寺禅画院副院长。 艺术成就: 《龙腾盛世》赠予江泽民收藏。《藏龙卧虎》赠予胡锦涛收藏。 2006年3月俄罗斯总统普京访华参观少林寺时,其《三教九流》又叫和图,由普京收藏。 2005年《召唤》创拍卖价76万元人民币。 2006年7月经中央中国国礼鉴定考察专家委员会严格评审,特定其活画作为国礼赠予躲过政要和国际友人,并颁发国礼证书。 2006年9月23日,吴增荣获北京大学第二届国际书法大赛金奖。


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