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Chinese Siu Nim Tao Wing Chun Video,Xin Lin Hard Tsun Wing Chun Series

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Chinese Siu Nim Tao Wing Chun Video,Xin Lin Hard Ving Tsun Wing Chun Series

Wing Chun Video

   Hi,Friend!,welcom to globleshop.Wing chun or wing tsun is recognised as one of the most practical and effective kungfu systems in the world.Here we will recommend you kinds of Wing Chun Video.In each Wing Chun Video the master will demonstrate the form move-by-move just like face to face teaching.Instead of making an arduous journey to China you can start your wing tsun coursrs at home by wing chun video.Come on, and begin your journey of learning wing chun now!

Item Type:Wing Chun Video

Place of Origin:Shenzhen China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Wing Chun Video
Master: Xin Lin
Content:Single Disk
Format: DVD
Soundtrack: Chinese/English
Subtitles: Chinese/English
Duration: 56 mins
Processing Time:3-5 business days

Master introduction Of Wing Chun Video

    Xin Lin,the authentic descendant of Hung Chuan Champion,southern martial arts master of film industry.

Content abstract Of Wing Chun Video

   Siu Nim Tao (Xiao Nian Tou) is the fundamental routine of Wing Chun (Yong Chun). In Hard Wing Chun, there are two ways of practicing Siu Nim Tao: practice strength and practice skills. Strength practicing is tight and slow movements which gives the practitioners "tight" practice to improve their strength and stamina; skill practicing is "loose" practice which enables the practitioners get familiar with the tact and then give out strength. Siu Nim Tao is the foundation or "seed" of the force of Wing Chun. It is very helpful for practicing Wing Chun to master the key of this routine.

Siu Nim Tao Wing Chun Video,Chinese Xin Lin Hard Ving Tsun Wing Chun Series

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Customer Reviews

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Wing Chun: the Science of In-Fighting Review by Melbourne Born "DMP"
There are quite a number of videos now available on the Wing Chun combat system, some of which run into several volumes and have running times of over two or more hours. This tape, however, while one of, if not the earliest of those available, and with a running time well under an hour, is far and away the best of the bunch and offers so much more than products running three times as long. Featuring the late Sifu Wong Shun-Leung, teacher and classmate of the legendary Bruce Lee, the tape offers an overview of the fighting system made famous in Hong Kong in the '50s and '60s through the real life exploits of Sifu Wong in so-called "contests" against various other combat systems, where he emerged the victor on each and every occasion. The tape is basically broken down into the following sections: 1) Wing Chun History, 2) Basic Concepts (including footwork and "Centreline Theory"), 3) 'Siu Nim Tau' form and form breakdown/applications, 4) 'Chi Sau' concepts and applications, and 5) a brief discussion of further forms and weapons. While no where near as in-depth as more recent tapes may have tried to be, this particular tape illustrates perfectly the Wing Chun concepts of SIMPLICITY, DIRECTNESS and EFFICIENCY by offering so much to the viewer by way of it's non-complicated approach. A fine introduction to Wing Chun for the uninitiated, and a valuable reference and tribute to a real life legend in the system for the serious devotee. This video is a definite MUST HAVE for martial arts fans. If there is anything negative to be said about it, it is that, sadly, the sequel tape mentioned at the end of the program, was never produced, ...more's the pity since the death of Sifu Wong in 1997. Buy this tape, ...you wont regret it! (Posted on 5/16/14)

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